2016 Ford f-150 Specs

Ford is introducing a new truck to its catalog for 2016, the F-150. The 2016 F-150’s specs boast some flexible options for numerous aspects of the vehicle, including options for the interior, exterior, capacity of multiple modules, engine, and chassis. The F-150 also hosts a wide variety of warranty options, ranging from 3-5 years at distances of 60,000km to unlimited based on which package is selected.

2016 Ford f-150 Specs Front

2016 Ford f-150 Specs

While there are a lot of options available for the F-150, some are more essential than others depending on what you’re looking to accomplish with your vehicle. You’ll probably want to establish right away which pickup box style you want, with options including 5.5 ft., 6.5 ft, and 8.0 ft, while bearing in mind that this will affect the curb weight of your vehicle. Another fundamental choice to make is which cab style you want, with the available options being Regular, Super, and Super Crew.

Once you’ve got the body picked out, you’ll probably want to make a decision on which engine you want to power your truck. The F-150 has four retail engines to choose from, three of which have a “Payload Package” variant with better fuel economy than their counterparts. You’ll want to consider the options carefully, as each of the engines feature different horsepower, torque, and oil capacity.

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2016 Ford f-150 Price

Once you’ve got everything sorted out, you’ll need to look at the available models to see which ones can house the selections you’ve made. There are six models available, XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited, ranging in price from lowest to highest respectively. You may need to re-evaluate your priorities based on your price range, as not all options are available for each of the different models. Assuming price is not a factor you’re concerned with, the range of combinations between the six models is sure to have what you’re looking for.

With your choices finalized, you may want to stop by the accessories catalogue to see if there’s any extras you want to pick up. The range of items is vast, including customizations and add-ons for the interior, wheels, electronics, bed, exterior remote start systems, and exterior add-ons such as bike racks.

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2016 Ford f-150 Release

Ford’s new 2016 F-150 is sure to be a hit with anyone in the market for a new truck. With tons of options for all aspects of the vehicle, whether you’re looking for a heavy lifter or something a little more maneuverable or fuel efficient, the F-150 has you covered.

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