2016 Ford f-150 FX2/FX4 Review, Engine, Price

Talking about style, speed, performance, durability you name it, this what everyone is asking about the new 2016 Ford f-150 model to be launched in the market soon. The current 2015 Ford f-150 model hit the market with a loud bang and that’s why every potential customer and other manufacturers are eager to know how the 2016 Ford f-150 FX2 will be like. Will it be able to bring challenges to other models? Lets see what is expected on the new 2016 Ford f-150 FX2.

2016 Ford F-150 FX2 Front

2016 Ford f-150 FX2/FX4 Engine and Performance

The model is expected to be powered by a diesel engine upgraded up to 8 speed transmission that is automated. Also the engine is expected to be run by 6.2 liters of V8 gasoline or V8 Eco boost power train. The weight is expected to reduce by 270 kg from the previous model in order to increase the car performance. The suspensions will be raised a bit so as to increase comfort while driving and the tires are expected to be large with excellent shock absorber than the previous model. This will enable the consumer to have the best experience in different climates or environments.

2016 Ford F-150 FX2 Interior

The interior and exterior outlook of 2016 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4

For the exterior parts, the potential Ford customers should not expect much different from the previous model. The colors are expected to remain the same; the door exterior p2 platform and doors are not expected to change that much from the previous ford model.

On the exterior part, there are so many changing expected. The seats should be highly upgraded to a new level to allow other features to perform properly. Every interior part is expected to be well re-engineered to perfection to allow the customers to have the space and comfort they need. The entertainment sector is supposed to be made of high technology to allow the customers to enjoy the car more. Safety is well considered, with cruise control, air bags and other safety measures expected to be advanced.

2016 Ford F-150 FX2 Side

The expected cost of 2016 Ford f-150 FX2/FX4

The price should range between $26,000 and $51,000. 2016 Ford f-150 FX2 is expected to be released soon on the market. Since the current model 2015 Ford f-150 is considered to be the most perfect model of them all, Ford potential buyers together with the media are expecting the greatest outcome of the new model. To the closest rivals; GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the 2016 Ford f-150 FX2 poses a new challenge.

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